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Mobility Devices

We at the Daytona Turkey Run would like to thank you for taking the time to read this page. Our event is very large, and thanks to supporters like you, continues to grow every year. Getting around to see everything is not always easy. Safety concerns for every one of our guests has led to several necessary changes, the latest one is addressing which mobility devices can safely operate in the infield of the speedway. We’ve always requested single person mobility devices, but after consulting the ADA Guidelines, we’ve had to change our policies on certain other types of mobility devices that will be permitted.

Stayin’ mobile at the Daytona Turkey Run!
Heads up for our friends who use mobility scooters! We want you to have a safe and fun Turkey Run, so here’s a quick reminder about scootin’ around the event:

Mobility scooters are a good option for navigating the grounds for guests with mobility challenges. Scooter operators and owners are expected to obey all vehicle traffic signs, signals, and regulations as well as the Mobility Scooter Policy and Personal Mobility Scooter Policy


Mobility Scooter Policy

  1. Scooters must be operated safely and at a speed no greater than 6 Miles Per Hour, or a lower speed that is reasonable and prudent for conditions, including pedestrian traffic.
  2. High Traffic Pedestrian areas should be avoided, if possible.
  3. Mobility devices are expected to share roads and pathways with other pedestrians. Mobility devices share the right-of-way with pedestrians.
  4. No more than one person on a scooter at a time.
  5. Able-bodied minors are not permitted to operate a scooter.
  6. Daytona Turkey Run Access: When traveling in Daytona Turkey Run areas, mobility scooters should follow the flow of pedestrian traffic.
  7. Mobility Scooter Parking: Mobility scooters cannot park in a way that obstructs pedestrian walks or entrances and exits.

Personal Mobility Scooter Policy

  1. Mobility scooter must be in good, safe operating condition and shall have a bell or a horn (or other signaling device), a rear reflector, and a headlight.
  2. Mobility scooter must have 3 or 4 wheels and the wheels must be 10” or smaller in diameter (diameter includes tire and rim).
  3. The overall width must be no more than 25” and the overall length must be no more than 50”.
  4. Only one-seated mobility scooters are allowed and only one person may ride/operate the mobility scooter at a time.
  5. The mobility scooter must not exceed 6 miles per hour in speed. If the motorized vehicle is capable of exceeding 6 miles per hour, it does not qualify as a mobility scooter under this policy.
  6. Mobility scooter should have handlebars for steering.
These rules may be adjusted by Daytona Turkey Run at any time. No rule shall be grandfathered into new policy versions.



Here are some examples of types of Mobility devices are not allowed. Please be advised that any similar are also prohibited.